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Same Sex Relationship Issues

With only three states that recognize same-sex marriage, and just a handful of states that permit civil unions, most same-sex couples cannot benefit from the legal rights and protections of marriage and civil-union laws. Adoption law restrictions and custody arrangements often present other unique legal challenges to consider in same-sex families and relationships.


Despite these obstacles, there are many viable legal options available to protect yourself and your loved ones. Co-ownership and co-tenancy agreements, asset sharing agreements, parenting agreements, joint-custody orders, real property titling, wills, family trusts, medical directives, and power of attorneys are just a few illustrations of how any family or couple can protect themselves under current Virginia laws.


Ms. Owen has handled every one of these same-sex relationship issues over the course of her career. She’s knowledgeable and up-to-date on the ever-changing legalities of same-sex relationships in Maryland, Virginia and D.C., and keeps her finger on the pulse of the legislation and precedents that exist all over the country.


As recently as November 2009, a Virginia court upheld a same-sex custody battle originally represented by Ms. Owen.


Custody for same-sex couple upheld
The Virginia Court of Appeals upheld today the enforcement of a custody order from North Carolina in favor of a male homosexual couple. Both partners contributed sperm to artificially inseminate a Minnesota woman who agreed to be a surrogate mother.
The relationship between the mother and the partners deteriorated, and a North Carolina judge resolved a custody dispute by awarding the partners primary custody and the woman secondary custody.


After the partners moved to Virginia, the woman sought custody and contended that the order was at odds with the Virginia law and constitutional amendment that says the state will not recognize same-sex unions in any form.


The appellate court said the North Carolina court based the award on the role of the partners as parents to the child rather than on their relationship.
By Alan Cooper"


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